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Looking for food and travel inspiration? Hire Elyse Pasquale, the “Foodie International” for your next corporate event, luncheon or fireside chat. Challenge the ways you view travel, culture and cuisine, and learn how to navigate the world with your gut.

Multimedia Presentations:

How to Speak “Food”
Originally presented at NY TravFest
What is food tourism and why is it so popular? Get inspired to travel with your taste buds. We’ll explore the world’s best culinary destinations, innovative tours and authentic experiences. Find out which hot, new food destinations should be on your radar. Learn how to “speak food” and turn every trip into a culinary adventure.

Eat Out of Your Comfort Zone!
How do I order from a menu if I can’t read it? Is that even edible? Will I get sick? Face your fears of the unknown while traveling with these easy-to-follow exploration tactics. You’ll soon find yourself stepping out of your hotel room to share meals and memories with the locals, wherever you are.

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