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Tokyo, Japan

“More than any other city, Tokyo demonstrates that ‘city’ is a verb and not a noun” - Mori Toshiko

For me, Tokyo is and has always been, a dream destination. The first time I laid eyes on the city, in a taxi from Tokyo Station to my hotel, I cried – the kind of tears I usually reserve for thick-cut bacon and platters of sushi.


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246 Common: A Wild Encounter with Tokyo’s Food Trucks

‘ Tokyo, Japan has officially embraced the international food truck craze, “international” being the key word. Throughout the city, mini restaurants-on-wheels dish out increasingly popular alternatives to traditional Japanese cuisine, from tacos to jacket potatoes to pizza. In Minato City, hungry locals head to 246 Common, Tokyo’s hottest food trailer park serving international hipster cuisine from purveyors like Brooklyn Ribbon Fries, …

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Tokyo’s Best Sushi You’ve Never Heard Of: Sushisho Saito

Don’t confuse Sushisho Saito, a tiny, hushed sanctuary for the serious sushi aficionado, with the 3 Michelin-starred tourist haven Saito. Though the latter has received much international press, our destination, Sushisho Saito is where the real foodies go. Like many of Tokyo’s hidden gems, the restaurant is located on the second floor of a nondescript office building, in Akasaka. “Sho” …

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Tokyo by Night, a Foodie Fantasy

Tokyo is a city of fantasies, from the current cosplay rage (dressing up in costume, in public, mostly anime characters) to hyper-sexualized maid cafes. When I called the “Tokyo Fixer” Shinji Nohara, I had my own specific fantasy in mind (albeit a foodie fantasy): a wild night of izakaya-hopping. An izakaya is a Japanese gastropub, churning out a variety of …

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