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Lima, Peru - Foodie International

Peru is widely considered the seat of Latin American cuisine and its capital, Lima, has stormed onto the international food scene in the past decade with some of the most exciting and innovative food worth traveling for.

I visited Lima in 2010, when Peru’s food scene was just coming onto the world’s culinary radar. Though I didn’t have the opportunity to eat at award-winning or Michelin-starred restaurants, I enjoyed all of Lima’s signature dishes and gained a deeper understanding of Peruvian cuisine.

Lima’s Culinary Adventures

  • Step out of your comfort zone and hit the streets of Barranco for anticuchos.
  • Try every type of ceviche.
  • Enjoy a pisco sour and sardine sandwich at local hotspot, Juanita Bodega Bar.


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Chifa: Peruvian-Chinese Fusion in Lima

Restaurant Review: Wa Lok Chinese-Peruvian cuisine is an integral part of Lima’s culinary history. Due to the influx of Chinese immigrants in Peru from the mid 1800s to early 1900s, a unique culinary tradition evolved. Peruvian ingredients were integrated into Chinese cooking, and over the years Chinese influences were incorporated into modern Peruvian cuisine. Remember the classic Peruvian dish, lomo …

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Where to Eat Ceviche in Lima, Peru

My Limean Love Affair, in Photos Peruvians are serious when it comes to ceviche. Attention gringos, rules DO apply! The citrus-cooked seafood is simply not eaten past 2:00PM. The reason? It is no longer considered fresh! With this kind of attitude (cue applause) Lima turns out some truly spectacular ceviche. Share This:

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Cheap Eats in Lima Peru

Three Super Spots to Curb Your Hunger, Peruvian Style Though the words “hungry” and “Lima” don’t exactly compute for me, the city is filled with snack shops, cafes and street vendors. All serve up delicious Peruvian fare. For a quick bite with local flavor, check out these spots for some of the best tastes Lima has to offer. Share This:

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