Granada, Nicaragua


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Las Colinas del Sur: The Best Seafood in Granada, Nicaragua

Restaurant Review: Las Colinas del Sur in Granada, Nicaragua There’s nothing like cruising around Central America’s largest lake in a boat to a make you crave an excellent fish dinner. We enjoyed a fantastic tour through Las Isletas, the 365-island, volcanic archipelago learning about the lake’s sharks, (really!! the only lake in the world teeming with bull sharks) monkeys, fabulous …

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A Boat Ride on Lake Nicaragua

We spent the morning aboard a small boat, motoring through Las Isletas, an archipelago of 365 islands in Cocibolca Lake (also known as Lake Nicaragua). The island chain was formed thousands of years ago during a massive eruption of the volcano Mombacho. Some islands are privately owned, boasting lavish mansions, restaurants, and even a hotel. Others remain unoccupied; tiny, lush …

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Comidas Tipicas Y Mas in Granada, Nicaragua

Calle La Calzada is Granada’s main pedestrian zone. The street runs east from the Cathedral on Parque Central, down to the shores of Lake Nicaragua. The street is lined with restaurants and bars, some offer tables on the street for prime people watching. When asked where I could try the famous weekend dish, nacatamal, I was surprised when I was …

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Vigorón: Street Food in Granada, Nicaragua

If asked to choose one dish that reflects the heart and soul of Granada, Nicaragua, I would have to say, “Vigorón.” This traditional, quintessential street food can be found throughout Central America, but its roots are pure Granada. Situated on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, Granada is the oldest colonized city in the Americas, established in 1524. Now the center …

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