Helsinki, Finland


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The Meal of a Lifetime: Helsinki’s OLO

Helsinki, Finland – Occasionally, I stumble onto a restaurant so extraordinary, a meal so transcendent, it changes the way I think about food. It happened to me recently in Finland. I took myself to dinner at Olo, a one Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of Helsinki for their multi-course tasting menu called The Journey, billed as a “gastronomic journey filled …

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Chasing the Northern Lights to Nellim, Finland

When I ask the other guests at the Wilderness Hotel how in the world they ended up here, the answer is always the same: “We wanted to go as far north as we could.” That (and the mysterious “Aurora Bubble”) is also my reason for journeying to Nellim, Finland, population 150 – Lapland’s final frontier. Tonight we are aurora chasers, …

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