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"Open my heart and you will see
Graved inside of it, “Italy”." – Robert Browning

Places in Italy

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Nothing’s Ever Easy in Tuscany

A Typical Atypical Morning for the Foodie in Tuscany Living in rural Tuscany, one quickly learns that everything is more complicated than it seems. Always. On the plus side, life here is infinitely more adventurous, and no matter what the circumstance may be, food is usually involved. As I found out today, even the simplest of tasks (groceries, mail) can take …

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Italy’s Best Beach Eats

With 7600 kilometers of coastline, Italy is one of Europe’s best beach destinations. Though many trips to Italy are planned around cities and monuments, it’s worth making a seaside detour during summer months, where you can lounge (and eat!) like a local by the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. Share This:

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Lunch with Farmers in Tuscany (Video)

I spend several months each year in Italy – in the middle of nowhere, Tuscany. My next door neighbors are olive farmers, and in the past eight years that I’ve lived here, we’ve become pretty close. Every day the farmer and his family sit down together for a traditional Tuscan country lunch. Over the years (of inviting myself over with …

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Photos: Making Backyard Grappa in Tuscany

The farmer and I walk down the dirt path in silence. The unseasonably warm October sun heats my shoulders and I can hear my sandals crunching against the gravel. Before we reach the shed he stops and turns to me. “You know, this is illegal.” I did, in fact know it was illegal. My latest Facebook status update reads, “I’m …

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