Aeolian Islands, Sicily

Step through the pages of ancient mythology into the lush, Tyrrhenian archipelago where fire meets the sea.

Seven volcanic islands make up the Aeolians.


An excerpt from my essay, “Girl and the Volcano“:

When approaching Stromboli by boat, you can’t mistake the island for anything but a volcano, a massive cone rising nearly one thousand meters from the surface of the sea, its lush, emerald slopes streaked with hardened lava. And this is just the peak; most of the volcano remains underwater. Still, I’m convinced that the four hundred residents who have built their homes skirting the fractious island’s shores have forgotten this, or, emboldened, have forgotten themselves, or perhaps they’ve never bothered to look up. At night, the summit rages hot and bright, sometimes producing a fiery light show rivaling the stars themselves.


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