Capo d'Orlando, Sicily


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Dining at the Beach in Capo d’Orlando Sicily

Three Delicious Local Food Spots on Sicily’s Sunny Capo d’Orlando Capo d’Orlando is a lively (yet laid-back) beach community on Sicily’s northern coastline. This sun-kissed locale sits halfway between the bustling port of Messina and tourist-laden Cefalù, boasting a stunning ocean view of the nearby Aeolian Islands. When I was invited to spend a week at the beach, I had …

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In Sicily: Traditional Food Cooked in Mamma’s Kitchen

Italian hospitality is a foodie’s dream. There’s no greater privilege when traveling abroad than being invited into someone’s home to share a meal. Over the summer, I had the opportunity to spend a sun-kissed week in Sicily’s Capo d’Orlando, in the seaside home of my friend Fabiola’s parents. After taking the overnight train from Rome (and surrendering to a 7:00AM …

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Sicily’s Granita Culture: Dessert for Breakfast

Sicilians eat ice cream for breakfast. Okay, okay, not exactly. The quintessential Sicilian kick-starter is slushier than gelato, served in a glass and called “granita” but it’s still sweet and cold enough to cause early morning brain-freeze. Often topped with a solid layer of whipped cream, granita is served with a large, freshly baked brioche. In Sicily, the breakfast ritual …

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