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Chicago, USA

Architecture, history and cutting edge cuisine. The Second City has it all.

I spent the summer of 2004 in Chicago, as a producer of an off-Broadway musical making its Windy City debut. It was the coldest, wettest May I’ve ever experienced. It was so miserable, one of our lead actresses contracted pneumonia and we had to shut down the entire show for a week. During my down time, I hit the streets to explore Chicago’s rapidly evolving food scene.


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Cheap Eats and a Booze Cruise: One day in Chicago

A Birthday Brunch-Day, Chicago Style I always believe that when celebrating a birthday, very few rules apply, (i.e. ice cream is an acceptable appetizer, calories will not be counted, there’s no such thing as “too much.”) After a totally amazing (mind-blowing!!! religious???) gastronomic experience at Alinea, I decided to spend the next day sampling delicious, down-home fare at some of …

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Alinea: The Meal of a Lifetime in Chicago

Alinea is one of those glorious, legendary, almost mythological restaurants. In 2010 it was voted the Number One restaurant in the United States and seventh in the world. In other words: not too shabby a joint. Every card-carrying foodie waxes poetic for celebrity food god, Grant Achatz, the master of molecular gastronomy. I’d been fantasizing about an Alinea meal for …

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