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Jemaa el-Fnaa After Dark – A Food Lover’s Paradise

Marrakech, Morocco – Wandering the twisting, narrow streets of the Medina, it’s impossible to get very far without hearing a familiar phrase, “The square is that way!” By daylight, I keep Jemaa el-Fnaa – Marrakech’s main square – at my back while walking the labyrinth of alleys, ducking through arched passageways and arriving at more than one dead end. Marrakech …

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An Easter Goat: Shopping for Food in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – On a bumpy stretch of road somewhere on the east side of town, between the crowded Meganaña bus station and the mud roads of Kotebe, a steep embankment dotted with trees marks one of the city’s most popular livestock markets. On the hillside, shepherds tend their small flocks of goats and sheep and negotiate deals with prospective …

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Kitfo: Eating Ethiopia’s Distinctive Dish

I’m no stranger to ordering platters of raw meat in random places (i.e. at the home where Dracula/Vlad Tepes was born, in Romania) so I made it my culinary mission to try a popular local dish called kitfo while in Ethiopia. Kitfo is raw ground beef marinated in red chili powder and clarified butter, served with injera and a variety of flatbreads. …

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In Ethiopia: A Traditional Home-Cooked Meal

My first thought upon arrival in Addis Ababa is that it’s colder than I expected. I only packed one sweater, and somehow I missed the whole “third highest world capital” info while tossing thin cotton t-shirts into my carry-on. I came to Ethiopia to volunteer at Fresh and Green Academy only a few days after three weeks in West Africa. I …

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Coffee Talk: Senegal’s Café Touba

I am a self-proclaimed lover of coffee. All kinds of coffee. I love the smell, the flavor and the ritual surrounding it. In Senegal, I encountered a brew that deserves a special Foodie International mini mention. Café Touba, named for Senegal’s holy city, is a beloved caffeinated staple in a country where the coffee culture runs deep. Share This:

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A Home-Cooked Meal in Dakar, Senegal

Even though I’ve spent the past year traversing the globe to experience local meals, it’s rare to be blessed with the opportunity to enter someone’s home and share a meal with them. As any foodie knows, home cooking is always the best cooking, and nothing is better than being invited to break bread with a local family in a new …

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A Foodie’s Journey through Mali

Mali is one of those places usually reserved for daydreams, evoking thoughts of the remote and the exotic. The name of Mali’s famous city, Timbuktu, is used in Western culture to describe something so far away that it borders on the impossible. I never imagined that one day I would actually be in Mali. The Niger River flows through this West-African …

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Helping to Feed and Educate Children in Ethiopia

My passion for food and culture has literally taken me around the world in the past year, drastically altering my life. It’s an incredible gift to be able to follow my dream, connecting to people through diverse international cuisines. The last week of April, my travels took me on a different path. I traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and spent …

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