Don’t Tell! New York’s Secret Spots and Speakeasies

Originally published on Mastercard’s LoveThisCity website on January 6th, 2015

Want to know a secret? PDT stands for “Please Don’t Tell,” and it’s one of NYC’s most notorious speakeasies: a swank cocktail den hidden inside an East Village hot dog shop, noted for itsvery unusual entrance. When you step inside the vintage telephone booth at Crif Dogs, it’s not to make a phone call. Lift the receiver and a hidden door opens to reveal a dimly lit room with a long bar, leather booths and taxidermy accents. Make sure to follow PDT’s rules of etiquette (No. 1: “Treat others how you would like to be treated.”) as you sip craft cocktails and snack on chef-inspired specialty hot dogs. Reservations are recommended, taken same-day when the bar’s phone lines open at 3pm.

PDT isn’t the only clandestine spot in town. The next time you’re looking for a romantic adventure, make a date of seeking out the city’s other secret spaces. Unmarked doors and disguised entryways give way to lush speakeasies and underground restaurants. Part of the thrill is finding your way inside. Here’s the lowdown on accessing NYC’s romantic hidden hot spots.

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