An Open Letter From a Foodie to the Travel Channel

I was reading and came across a post that made my blood boil:

New Cable Show Looking For Food Obsessed Guy’s Guys

I’m publicly calling B.S. on the entire food/travel television industry for its overt juvenile machismo. Why are most food television female leads portrayed in designer kitchens while the men smugly put down a staggering array of offal in exotic locales. Are the networks under the (false) impression that WOMEN DO NOT EAT????

Here’s my response/application/angry rant that I sent to the Travel Channel’s Casting department. Watch out Andrew Zimmern, I’m coming for your job.

To Whom It May Concern at the Travel Channel:

Never has there been a culinary television concept that so completely fits my current lifestyle. I AM YOUR DUDE.

I’m the dude who flew to rural Tuscany, Italy for the weekend this past January to slaughter a pig with a local family and share a magnificent two-day pork feast. Also accomplished in January 2010? A wild gambler’s weekend in Vegas with the crowning meal at Michael Mina’s new restaurant, American Fish, at the Aria, and some insanely delicious slopeside chili at Deer Valley Resort in Utah.

I’m the dude who spent last weekend in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico on a fish-taco frenzy that led me to every push cart, taco truck and takeout joint I could find.

I’m the dude who can recommend the best microbrew at Citi Field or compare New York’s renowned Master Yasuda with Vancouver’s venerable Tojo. I’ve been a VIP at the French Laundry yet still know my way around a Waffle House menu. That’s right: scattered, smothered, covered and chunked!

I’m the dude that bypasses when I get a craving, and takes to the skies instead. There’s a reason I’m a platinum elite frequent flier. I took a cheese-making course last year in Cortona, Italy, which inspired me to read the “Cheese Primer”, which in turn inspired me to fly to Paris for a day in October and sample the very best in French cheese. My personal favorite was Rocamadour. Guess where I’m planning a solo summer road-trip from my vacation base in Tuscany this June?

I’m the dude who has a birthday dinner reservation on May 8th at Chicago’s Alinea, (that’s right, Travel Channel! The full-on 24 course “grand tour.”) less than one week after I return from three days in Granada, Nicaragua for some down-home Central American eats.

Here’s the real kicker. I’m a CHICK. And I’m hot! I challenge any guy to try and keep up with my food-obsessed, jet-setting lifestyle. The whole food and travel television movement has been completely male-dominated. It’s time for a woman to step up to the plate and take a bite out of the industry. I’m on a mission this year to fly 100,000 miles for meals alone. And yes, I’m writing a blog to go with this incredible quest. It doesn’t sound so different from your mission statement with the obvious exception of my anatomy. I dare any dude to out-dude me. I’m the chick who walked away from a freshly slaughtered pig to snack on ten day old “coppa di testa” (a slimy, fatty sausage made from the head of the pig a.k.a. “head cheese”) while sipping shots of grappa before 10:00AM.

So maybe I wasn’t who you were initially looking for, but I can assure you that I am one of the most creative, animated and ambitious food adventurers you’ll ever come across. Open your mind and consider me as your “dude.”


Elyse Pasquale
Globe Trekker, Air Warrior, International Foodie

Winter Pig Slaughter

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