Features, Interviews and Mentions: Elyse Pasquale and Foodie International, in Print and Online


Holidays for Couples (Australia) April 2013: New York Like a Local
“Planning a trip to fabulous New York City? Local foodie Elyse Pasquale gives the lowdown on the ultimate couples experience in the Big Apple.”
GuateDining (Guatemala) February 2013: Antigua, lugar para viajar por su comida


Daily Mail: Meet the culinary adventurer who has traveled 350,000 miles in search of the world’s most exotic dishes
“A writer’s quest to find the world’s most exotic dishes has taken her more than 350,000 miles in the last three years as she criss-crosses the world to feast on new delicacies.”
New York Daily News: Food lover Elyse Pasquale travels more than 100,000 miles a year in search of the best meals
“At the beginning, it felt like an insurmountable number,” said Pasquale, who documents her travels and meals on a website called “Foodie International” and is writing a book called “Off the Beaten Plate.” “But it’s not about the numbers, it’s about experiencing new cultures.”
CNN International: Duck Head and Fish Sperm: 100 Local Delicacies
“”If you want to experience the essence of a foreign destination on a short visit,” says Elyse Pasquale, “then nothing beats sampling the local food.” She should know. The American journalist and food-blogger is speaking at the end of a journey that has seen her traverse Belgium, Holland, France and the UK in under 24 hours.”
AOL/Huffington Post Travel Feature: Have Passport will Eat, Meet the Foodie International
“Beef hearts on a stick on the streets of Lima. Crispy skinned guinea pig in an Ecuadorian restaurant. Fried scorpion proffered at a Beijing night market stall. It sounds like a menu Andrew Zimmern would tuck into on an episode of Bizarre Foods. But to Elyse Pasquale…these exotic eats are the cornerstone of a personal travel and tasting quest in which she’s aiming to fly 100,000 air miles and eat 100 meals around the world by the end of 2010.”
The SF Gate: Travel Vines the latest evolution of postcards?
amNewYork: Classic NYC Eats and Where to Get Them
amNewYork: The Best Noodles in the City Right Now
amNewYork:New York Is a Town for Adventurous Eaters
extracrispy.com: What’s the Deal with Airplane Breakfast?
““Comparing breakfast on U.S.-based airlines with a number of international carriers isn’t a matter of apples and oranges; it’s more like apples and rotten apples,” says travel and food writer Elyse Pasquale, who has flown over 100,000 miles a year almost every year since 2010.”


100 Tables – Interview with Elyse Pasquale – May 22, 2014
Johnny Jet – Travel Style: Elyse Pasquale – December 27, 2013
Diary of the Purple Passport – Meet Elyse Pasquale, Foodie International – March 6, 2013
Medium.com – Interview with One Hundred Tables – April 1, 2013
A Cook Not Mad – Cooking for Italians
A Cook Not Mad –  Life at Pascianella Agriturismo
SlashFood/HuffPost Food: The Woman Who’ll Eat Anything
Stuck at the Airport Blog: Airport food tips from Foodie International
iFood.TV: The Foodie International, the Woman Who Eats Anything
2012 Shorty Awards Interview Session
Flight 001: 001 Country Per Year Travel Ambassador

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