Got squirrel? Judging the World’s Weirdest Cook Off

Originally published September 11, 2015 on


Here in the heart of the Ozarks, they call it “tree bacon” and “limb chicken;” but on this crisp, September morning, it’s perfectly clear that squirrel is what’s on the menu. I’m in Bentonville, Arkansas to judge one of the country’s most unusual food competitions: The World Championship Squirrel Cook Off.

I should probably mention that I’ve never eaten squirrel before.

The Squirrel Cook Off gained national exposure after appearing on Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods. The “Ozarks” episode sparked my interest in squirrel. When I was invited to join the 2014 panel of judges, I hung up the phone and screamed like a teenage girl, then booked a flight to Northwest Arkansas.

Want more squirrel? View the full article online at here.

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