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A Japanese Breakfast in Brooklyn

There’s something about Japanese breakfast that makes me want to jump on a 12+ hour flight and never look back. Excuse the superlatives, but it’s my favorite breakfast on Earth. What I’m about to share with you is my top food discovery of 2014: a real deal Japanese breakfast…in Brooklyn, New York. Share This:

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246 Common: A Wild Encounter with Tokyo’s Food Trucks

‘ Tokyo, Japan has officially embraced the international food truck craze, “international” being the key word. Throughout the city, mini restaurants-on-wheels dish out increasingly popular alternatives to traditional Japanese cuisine, from tacos to jacket potatoes to pizza. In Minato City, hungry locals head to 246 Common, Tokyo’s hottest food trailer park serving international hipster cuisine from purveyors like Brooklyn Ribbon Fries, …

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If UNESCO put "Culinary" in "World Heritage"

A UNESCO-Ready List of 50 of the World’s Most Iconic Foods A recent online discussion of UNESCO World Heritage sites on weekly twitter-based #TToT (Travel Talk on Twitter) produced a question: What if UNESCO created a “World Culinary Heritage” list of the world’s most iconic, historic foods? I can’t think of a better example of a culture’s unique heritage than …

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Foodie International’s Top 10 Foods of 2010

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m writing a different kind of love letter. I can remember the first time I fell deeply in love…with prosciutto. For most of my life I’d been eating prosciutto and enjoying it. When I moved to Italy for a year abroad, I encountered a different breed of prosciutto, A reality-shattering, life-altering version of cured pork …

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Tokyo’s Best Sushi You’ve Never Heard Of: Sushisho Saito

Don’t confuse Sushisho Saito, a tiny, hushed sanctuary for the serious sushi aficionado, with the 3 Michelin-starred tourist haven Saito. Though the latter has received much international press, our destination, Sushisho Saito is where the real foodies go. Like many of Tokyo’s hidden gems, the restaurant is located on the second floor of a nondescript office building, in Akasaka. “Sho” …

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Tokyo by Night, a Foodie Fantasy

Tokyo is a city of fantasies, from the current cosplay rage (dressing up in costume, in public, mostly anime characters) to hyper-sexualized maid cafes. When I called the “Tokyo Fixer” Shinji Nohara, I had my own specific fantasy in mind (albeit a foodie fantasy): a wild night of izakaya-hopping. An izakaya is a Japanese gastropub, churning out a variety of …

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Meet Japan’s Food Expert: The Tokyo Fixer

Following A Food Expert’s Guidance on Tokyo’s Best: Tastes of Ramen, Tonkatsu Fried Pork and Late-Night Organic Fare Every great adventure has a jumping off point, but where does a foodie even begin in Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolis; a city housing more than 100,000 restaurants? Because of spoken and written language barriers, it’s difficult to immerse one’s self in the …

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Cheap Eats and Traditional Bites in Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan: a sprawling metropolis that makes up the country’s third largest city. Osaka is like Tokyo’s bolder (and grittier) little sister with an affinity for junk food and punk rock. I was planning on skipping Osaka altogether on this foodie trip, but was convinced to change my itinerary by a friend who had recently spent a year in the …

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