Amazing Local Markets Around the World (PHOTOS)

One of my favorite ways to experience local culture while traveling is by visiting a market. Loud, crowded and colorful, it’s easy to immerse oneself in this multi-sensory slice of daily life abroad. In every destination, I’ve found a market worth visiting, from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market – the biggest seafood wholesaler in the world, to Bamako’s recycling market – …

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Foodie Adventures in New York City

What I’m Eating – At Home in New York City After flying and eating around the world for three straight years, I’m excited to spend a month (a whole month!) on the ground in New York City, working on my book and planning the next big foodie adventure. I’m not a New Yorker by birth, but I’ve lived in Manhattan …

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Lunch with Farmers in Tuscany (Video)

I spend several months each year in Italy – in the middle of nowhere, Tuscany. My next door neighbors are olive farmers, and in the past eight years that I’ve lived here, we’ve become pretty close. Every day the farmer and his family sit down together for a traditional Tuscan country lunch. Over the years (of inviting myself over with …

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