Tokyo’s Best Sushi You’ve Never Heard Of: Sushisho Saito

Don’t confuse Sushisho Saito, a tiny, hushed sanctuary for the serious sushi aficionado, with the 3 Michelin-starred tourist haven Saito. Though the latter has received much international press, our destination, Sushisho Saito is where the real foodies go. Like many of Tokyo’s hidden gems, the restaurant is located on the second floor of a nondescript office building, in Akasaka. “Sho” …

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New York City’s Sushi Master: Yasuda

photo by Alessandra Diana *Editor’s Note: since the publication of this article, Master Yasuda has relocated to Tokyo, Japan. New York’s Yasuda Restaurant is still serving up some of the city’s finest sushi. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO DINE AT SUSHI YASUDA. Those in the know may arguably have the greatest omakase experience of their lives. Midtown East’s Sushi …

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