Oyster 101 with the World’s Fastest Shucker. I join master shucker Rickey Lee at Bourbon House in New Orleans and learn the tips, tricks and secrets of shucking and eating the perfect oyster.

New Food Adventures Web Series Trailer. 35 incredible episodes shot in Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Singapore and Japan. Currently In Post-Production. Select HD for best viewing experience.

La Giostra di Simone – the wild feasts, rituals and traditions of one small town in Tuscany, through my eyes.

Elyse Pasquale a.k.a. Foodie International on Is ‘t Nog Ver

Is ‘t Nog Ver is a tongue-in-cheek Belgian travel show where local celebrities couch-surf around the world. In this episode, Elyse takes Jelle de Beule, a Belgian comedian and TV host on an extreme eating tour of New York City.

Eating with Farmers in Tuscany

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony in Addis Ababa

Foodie International Tastes Costa Rica

Foodie International Takes Manhattan

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