Where to Watch the Super Bowl in New York

Originally published on Mastercard’s LoveThisCity website on January 28th, 2015

Get your game face on — Super Bowl XLIX is almost here! There’s nothing like watching the big game surrounded by passionate fans. Grab your pals and cheer on your team at these super-charged game-day destinations:

For the Ultimate Seahawks Fan

If you bleed blue and green, Carlow East is the Super Bowl bar for you. Known as NYC’s official Seahawks roost, this Upper East Side watering hole has played host to Seattle fans for the past eight years. Order a “Hawkakazie” shot and get loud with your fellow 12s. How loud? You’ll feel the floor shake when the bar erupts in unison to shout, “Seattle, first down!” Tickets for the big game ($100 at the bar/$125 online) include five hours of open bar and buffet-style snacks. Expect tickets to sell out quickly.

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