Upcoming Travel Plans

July, 2017

Right now, I’m in Tuscany, recuperating from one of the most challenging years of my life.

Last November, I shattered my ankle in six places and had to cancel all upcoming travel. I rocked a wheelchair for more than two months, then began my long, painful journey of recovery. About a month ago, I had more surgery to remove a handful of titanium plates, screws and pins from my mostly-healed ankle. Cut to – Tuscan Boot Camp ’17. I can’t cycle yet (my favorite sport), but I am allowed to swim, so I’m doing my physical therapy exercises and swimming daily.

For the first time in eight months, I have actual travel plans in my future! Now it’s up to me to focus and work hard on myself, so I can meet the physical challenges of travelling and reboot my career.


Where I’m Going Next in 2017:

August 5-12 – Sailing trip around Mallorca, Spain
August 12-15 – Barcelona, Spain
September 5-8 – Cork & Dublin, Ireland
September 8-10 – Ghent, Belgium
September 10-12 – Paris, France
September 12-15 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 19-21 – Linz, Austria
September 21-24 – Copenhagen, Denmark
September 25-26 – Hamburg, Germany
September 27 – Essen, Germany
September 28-30 – Berlin, Germany
October 1 – Vienna, Austria
October 3-5 – London, UK
October 5 – Manchester, UK
October 6-8 – Glasgow, UK


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