Whiskey Bar Time Machine: 5 Historic NYC Hotspots

Originally published on Mastercard’s LoveThisCity website on April 17, 2015

New York is a city with a past, and to dive into its depths, sometimes you don’t need a museum; you need a bar. Preferably a storied, ancient whiskey bar with character in spades. Transport yourself back in time with these one-of-a-kind whiskey bars and experience the aura of old New York – from the grandeur of Mad Men-style dining rooms to the shady allure of Prohibition-era ateliers.

Living History

When you step into Fraunces Tavern – part museum, part restaurant – you’ll feel like you’ve wandered into colonial times. There’s a reason for that: George Washington once gave a speech here. The landmark tavern’s wide-planked floors and crackling fireplaces transport you straight to 1700s New York. Inside, head for the Dingle Whiskey Bar, a wood-paneled haven offering a wide selection of whiskeys, and for connoisseurs, there’s the members-only Fraunces Tavern Whiskey Society.

Want more throwback vibes, sultry steakhouses and jazz-infused trysts? View the full-length, original article here.

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